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Business Liability

Business Liability Insurance

As a freelancer you work hard, long hours to build your business so you'll want to protect the hard work you've put in. The best line of defence is to have a business liability policy in place.

Business liability insurance offers financial protection against risks your business faces on a daily basis, such as personal injury, property damage, employee disputes& more. If a claim of negligence is filed against you, (liability claims are often extremely high #) the policy will help pay legal costs, court fee's and any damages if you are held legally liable.

Most customers insist on cover being in place before you can commence work so it's worth being prepared to avoid unnecessary delays.

For complete peace of mind, we can provide you with one policy that covers all your business needs, including; public liability, employers liability, business equipment& business interruption. Plus, its quick to arrange, easy to manage& excellent value as one premium (just pa) covers it all.

One policy, many benefits:

  • Public Liability - limit of indemnity £1 million
  • Employers Liability - limit of indemnity £10 million
  • Business Equipment - sum insured £5,000
  • Business Interruption - sum insured £2,500

Making your life easier

With our business liability cover, you'll find it’s not only fast and easy to apply, but you’ll also only have to manage one set of documents, one renewal date and one point of contact for any claims. It’s all about making your life as easy and hassle free as possible so that you can just get on with what matters most− running your business.