Taxman Portection

Legal Expenses/IR35 Insurance

Itís a fact that HM Revenue & Customs now have set targets to recover unpaid tax from freelancers. This includes randomly selecting businesses for what are termed Full and Aspect Enquiries.

We can provide you with Legal Expenses/IR35 Insurance so that, if the Revenue come knocking on your door to examine your accounts, you can be confident of being able to afford any legal or accountancy representation (up to £100,000 limit) you may need to defend the status of your business.

Within the cover is a dedicated 24hr helpline, set up specifically for freelance contractors with regard to advice in respect of IR35 matters and all other similar issues.

Real peace of mind for just £75 pa:

  • Full & aspect enquiries (£10,000 inner limit applies for Aspect enquiries)
  • IR35, section investigations
  • VAT disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Property & bodily injury claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Jury service expenses

Tax can be taxing!

No matter how carefully or professionally your accountants have prepared your tax returns, it’s increasingly common for tax disputes to arise. The complexity and continuous changes in tax, National Insurance and VAT legislation are often hard to keep up with, but could put your business unwittingly under the spotlight and lead to civil or even criminal proceedings. So get IR35 cover today to ensure your business can get the legal representation it deserves should the need arise.